8 Friday Random Facts

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I'm into lists lately. Making them, crossing things off them, making them to cross things off them...So here's a list of 8 random facts to start off your Friday. :)

1. When I want something sweet and there's no chocolate in the house I'll settle for a spoonful of peanut butter. Even better, nutella. My husband is grossed out by this. Makes sense.

2. The Good Wife has been my obsession which in turn means that I haven't been a good wife because I can't stop watching it. It consumes my time/life. I don't know what I'm going to do when I'm done with season six.

3. My favorite salad these days are the ones topped with last night's main course. Yesterday's salad had salmon, today's ground turkey taco meat. It's seriously so good. I will usually cut up carrots and tomatoes and sprinkle them on top. So healthy and I feel better about not spending $7 on lunch. Sometimes I'll have the intent of making tacos for dinner but hot ground turkey with the perfect seasoning is the BEST over a bed of spinach. No dressing, nothing. Delish. Try it and thank me later.

4. Liam has been into working out with me lately. It's so cute watching him do his arm curls and jumping jacks. Doing my part to instill an active lifestyle at such a young age.

5. I've been experimenting with braids lately. [Shameless plug, follow along on my instagram for more braids -- kavenueblog] This week's obsession is fishtail braids. They're so easy, a good arm workout if you do an intricate braid with smaller pieces (if you braid, you know what I mean), and perfect for this 100+ weather we've been having all week. My hair stays in place and out of me way ("me way" was a typo but it sounds Irish which I enjoy so I'm leaving it).

6. Speaking of the heat, H O L Y. I went running at 7:30PM the other night and it was over 100. Nary a harder couple miles than those. God bless Texas.

7. Found out the hard way that Liam is deathly afraid of flies. I know this because one landed on his head the other day at dinner and he screamed bloody murder and now no longer wants to sit at the table. He repeats to himself "is not gonna huwt you" over and over but he hasn't convinced himself. Two-year-olds are so dramatic.

8. Speaking of Friday, TGIF! Oi.

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