An overnight

Monday after work, I headed up to our cabin at Shaver for some much needed R&R with the fam. It was the first weekend we spent there and we've already fallen in love. Hard. There's much to do but my mom has worked hard and made lots of progress. The place is lookin' good! I can see some grand memories made there in the near future.

The front. Mom asked if I saw the wreaths she hung. My initial thought when I pulled up, "It wouldn't be my mom's place without a wreath or two already hung."

A breakfast nook on the porch. Perfect for those quiet mountain mornings.

 The lake. Rather low, but pretty gorgeous.

 Already enjoying the nook. It was a blissful morning there. Quiet, birds chirping, amazing smells...

The swimming hole within walking distance. Perfection.

Sister and Mama.


A little meadow. Love it.

Zoe, always smiling.

She learned how to roll. The underarm is still tricky, but she's getting it! 

Aaaaand...I already wanna go back.

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