Summer to-do list

Happy Friday! I decided to sit down and finally create my summer to-do list. I probably won't get to all of them but if I did...best summer ever! Also I feel like I still deserve a summer break as if I'm in sixth grade. Being an adult is hard. #adulting

1. Take a trip to the beach. Preferably South Padre Island.

2. Add more plants outside. Husband is has quite the green thumb lately.

3. Weekend in Austin and keep it weird.

4. DIY more denim cutoffs.

5. Visit more thrift stores because #4. :)

6. Getting Liam to fully embrace the splash pad. Not sure he fully endorses water spraying him in the face.

7. Swim in Balmorhea Springs. The coolest!

8. Make homemade ice cream.

9. Eat through Dallas' food trucks.

10. Visit Bishop Arts District.

11. Add more white to my wardrobe.

12. And dresses because geez, Texas summers are h o t.

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