It's not what it looks like

Top, F21 | Shorts, Target | Blazer, Target | Flats, Zara | Sun shades, F21 | Earrings, Sam Moon

Well I thought yesterday was Thursday so that's how my week is going. 

These sunshiney pictures are in no way indicative of our current weather situation. These were taken over the weekend, where it was in the 90's and I was never far away from a refreshing cold soda. Right now, our friend Bill is windy, rainy and I'm pretty sure about to wash the streets away. Liam's been asking to go in the "splash splash" (pool) and just doesn't seem to understand why the answer is no. He's been getting along by splashing in muddy puddles though. My carpet is thanking him.

Also, three cheers for shorts that feel like you're wearing none at all! Bless you, silk shorts.


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