4 sentences I never grow tired of hearing

Top, F21 | Jeans, Pac Sun, old | Sandals, Zulily | Lips, NARS Heat Wave

^^^Cleary he's mastered the art of fashion blogging. Aside from the obvious, his fashion. Husband dressed him this day. 

"I lob you, mummmyy." (I'm pretty sure I won't get tired of this, even when I'm 90)

"Did you hear da tunder?" IDIDheardatunder!" Spring in Texas, can ya tell? It's quite possibly the best hearing him answer his own questions. And hearing a little baby toddler say thunder is like candy.

"I sawy, mummy!" (I'm sorry, mommy) and then throws himself into me. His apologies are truly heartfelt and I am a puddle of love juice on the floor.

As we finish our night time routine and I make my exit, he whispers "see you soon." The best.

**He's stopped saying mama and started saying mommy. Please excuse me as I go cry in the corner.

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