Sunday Drive

 Dress, Walmart (tis true) | Flats, Zara | Belt, from another dress 

I can't remember the last time we got in the car and just drove. That used to be our thing, mine and Thomas'. Hop in the old 4-runner named Seraphina, slide open that sun-roof and just go. Usually it would be down those old country roads that go forever and ever to nowhere. It was just our thing.

On a Sunday afternoon of rain and wind, little mister and I alone, I said, "Pack your traino! We're goin' for a drive!" Liam promptly did just that and said, "Lesss go!" and trotted off to the front door. I had hoped to outrun the rain and open the tail gate and eat our sandwiches and let the little explore Texas country. I mean, does that not just sound the dreamiest?? Instead, we drove into the belly of the storm, rain and wind picking up. But there was still something very calming about it. Traffic was light and the road was our oyster! (or something) We ended up north east of Dallas in some random little town with gorgeous houses. You know, the ones you picture in Sweet Home Alabama.

It was dark by the time we made our way home and I tell you what, I hope this driving tradition never stops.

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