Things that make a mama's heart swell


1. A loud "THANK YOU" coming from the car seat behind me as the teenager in the McDonald's window hands me our food. And seeing the smile on her face because it "made her day."

2. Seeing 20 little trains perfectly lined up on my desk after putting Liam to bed. 

3. "I lob you, mama!" I die.

4. Watching Liam through the daycare window play with his little friends laughing. So happy he's happy there. Not just happy, thriving. How do I know? He's learned "don't push," "no hitting" and "don't run."

5. Teaching him to count to twenty. We do pretty well until about seven or eight but he loves to repeat the numbers after me. "Sebentee" is a personal fav. And for some reason he always skips thirteen.

6. Not an unknown fact, he loves Thomas the train. While he used to be able to say "Thomas" perfectly, the last month or two it's changed to "Tessa." Don't know why but it now constantly reminds me (all day!) of my niece, Tessa. :) I'll take it.

7. Watching him watch me sing "Jesus Loves Me." Insert heart eyes emoji.

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