Boat memories

On those hot summer days, we used to take our time driving up the mountain, windows down, hands held over the center console and nothing but sunshine and summertime on our minds. Sometimes we would head to our family cabin 45 minutes up the road and others we would casually drive, not knowing where we'd end up. The latter of the drives were usually my favorite. They took a little bit longer, new places were discovered, ice cream was involved (duh), and important life topics and observations were discussed like "would we live in that house?" and "why I must own a house with a porch" and "they're clearly from the sticks" and "why don't we ever leave a bottle of sunscreen in the car???"

One particular time, we piled in the car with the dog and drove up the mountain to the nearest lake where the temps were cooler and pine trees crowded mountain tops and the clouds seemed an arms length away. We waded in the water, let the dog run and splash as much as her little heart could muster and we sat there for hours. We weren't prepared. No blankets, towels, food, water, sunscreen. Pretty much just what was on our backs but I'll never forget that day. Don't know why but it was just one of those special days. It was also the last time I was able to wear these shorts before the boy in my belly got in the way. Ah, the summer of 2012! 

Top, F21 | Shorts, Old Navy (old) | Flats, Zara | Bracelet, Ash and Willow | Lipstick, NARS Heat Wave

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