What I'm Reaching For // No. 2

These days, I've been really into natural colors and dewy skin and these are the products that I've been reaching for to achieve that.

First is the philosophy purity made simple facial cleanser. I've heard rave reviews and wasn't sure I wanted to splurge on it so I bought the teeny tiny size. I see why it's so popular! It's cleared up my breakouts and literally makes my skin feel so soft. Love love love it. I've been using it twice a day, morning and night and see it's made such a difference in my skin tone.

I bought the tarte Poppy Picnic palette recently and fell in love. I wanted a palette and something that was more travel friendly and easy to reach for in the mornings without much thought and this spoke to me. Love the pink and brown tones in it which really helps make my eyes pop and I'm obsessed with the blush. Extra points for a palette that comes with a full size blush. Seriously amazing! I have one other Tarte Amazonian Clay blush (this one) and am obsessed with it and have been wanting another so this palette is perfect. It's so easy to create a fresh eye, smokey eye or any sort of look you're going for. And the packaging is supes cute.

I've been needing more blending eyeshadow brushes and these Morphe brushes are perfect. Perfect for blending and buffing eyeshadow and getting rid of any harsh lines. Super soft and makes blending effortless. I bought this one, this one, and this one.

Random product thrown in but it's worth mentioning...Anastasia Brow Whiz. I bought it, used it up and never replaced it for about a year or more and when I f i n a l l y repurchased it I couldn't figure out how I lived without it. Life changing product.

Husband actually bought me this mascara which makes me so happy. He randomly walked into Sephora and told the lady he didn't want anything with color because he didn't know where to start. So she told him to go with a mascara which is PERFECT because I needed a new one and I absolutely love this one. It's natural, has greatly improved my lashes (even when I am not wearing it which is like whoa), and elongates them. It makes my lashes a bit spidery which I personally love.

Finally, the Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter from theBalm has completely changed the way my makeup looks. I have dry skin and this still makes me look glowy without looking glittery. It's great as a highlighter for on top of the cheeks, lovely as an eyeshadow, and perfect for highlighting the brow bone and tear duct. One of my favorite products!!

So tell me girls, what have you been reaching for??

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