This week is when

When you have 2176463 band-aids on one hand.

When yogurt and granola makes the most sense for every meal.

When Facetiming makes long distance that much easier.

When Liam learns to say his own name. "Yuuuum!" It really does sound yummy.

When you're tired and in bed by 8:30 most nights. It just feels right.

When Liam watches himself on Snapchat. His little giggle makes my heart explode into a million.

When mornings begin with cuddles from both boys.

When emails get sent without proof-reading. #braindead

When it's only a four day work week. Hallelujah!

When the sun makes it's glorious appearance and you open the curtains for the first time in the morning and you and husband let out a solid gasp in unison.

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