Nifty Thrifty // No. 3

Look what we have here! Wednesday's post going up on a Friday. I'd blame it on the short week, but I'd still be a day late. Sooooo, here we are...hip hip!

This dress cost me less than $5 and it continues to be one of the most versatile pieces in my closet. I can wear any sort of shoe with it--converse, heels, flats--and create any level of formality with it. So comfy, so flattering. It's literally perfect. When I saw it in the thrift store I thought it would just be an average dress but this little number is so not average.

Total 180 but Liam had his two year doctor appointment yesterday. Found out he has a double ear infection. THIS MAKES SO MUCH SENSE! The crankiness, the yelling I want niiilk (milk)! over and over, the tantrums that never end, the runny nose. Bless you, antibiotics, bless you. The boy was rewarded with four shots and three donut holes. We're excited for June because May...well, May has been a challenge.


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