Nifty Thrifty// No. 02


One thing I always look for in thrift stores are blazers. You can usually always find one and there are so many styles to choose from. From floral to black to bright colors to fitted to oversized to grandma's, there's one for everyone! Almost every single one of my blazers in my closet are thrifted. It's true.

Another thing I love to find are trousers. These are from Gap and fit like a glove. They are actually pin striped which is probably what's causing the pictures to look like they're moving on your screen. Nope, it's not your imagination. I couldn't figure out what was happening for a second either. I need sleep.

On that note, my allergies are through the roof. The ear and sinus pressure is putting me in a slight fog. And by slight I mean mega. I'm the tissue lady these days which mostly just reminds me of my mother and her constant tissue clusters that follow her every move. Friggen Texas.

And yes, I see my roots. I'm getting that taken care of later this week. My hair is out of control. I hear you and your judgement.

With that, hashtag #niftythrifty on Instagram (and follow me! -- -- > kavenueblog) so that I can see your thrifted items!

Nude heels_camel_blazer
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