Black and white

 Dress, Kohls (last season) | Blazer, thrifted | Zara flats

The picture above makes me laugh. I had just picked Liam up from daycare and were on the way home. He's often hungry as it's almost dinner time and "snack mama" is repeated often as we drive the last few miles home. We made a detour for him to run near the creek. He enjoyed it for a few minutes until he reminded me again that he had not had that snack. He took my hand and led me towards the car. And when that didn't work, he squished his face and yelled it. Just in case I was somehow not hearing him.

This stage of life is so precious. It seems so fragile. Any stage in parenting is really, but this. This one has brought me to my knees. His knowledge is exploding. Just last night he came up to me and husband and started jibber jabbering, clapped his hands, jibber jabbered some more, and then stomped his feet. How this boy already knows "If You're Happy and You Know It" already is beyond me. It makes my heart explode with pride. He imitates everything and has begun to ask questions. On the way home from daycare (in between the "snack" requests) he saw an apple tree. Trying to explain about types of trees, I also taught him to say orange tree and explained what it was. He repeated it after me and I sat there, hands ten and two, blanking on any other types of trees. Like, literally there was nothing. Apparently my tree knowledge begins and ends with apples and oranges. What will I do when he asks why the ocean is salty, why can't we see God?, where do babies come from?

I can only pray to the most loving Father. I will trust in His infinite wisdom.

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