8 Tips for Thrifting

I'm obsessed with thrifting. I go at least once a week or more and I can usually always come away with something. I often get asked how I find such awesome stuff so I thought I'd break it down a bit here! Every outfit for the remainder of the week will feature at least one thrifted item. If y'all like it and are interested, I might just make it a weekly series. So you tell me guys!

Moving on...here are a few tips I use when visiting the local Goodwill or Salvation Army.

The dress (H&M) and jacket (Gap) were both thrifted. I wasn't sure if I loved the dress but it was 3 bucks so I figured it couldn't hurt. I fell in love with the flowiness (word?) and how it blew in the wind. And it has pockets, so duh. Next time, I'll probably pair it with a more fitted jacket. This entire outfit, with shoes, cost me less than $20.

1. Know where to thrift. One out of every two or three visits to a thrift store, I come away with something that still has the original tags on it. It pays to thrift in nicer parts of town. The bigger the pocket of the person purging their closet, usually the better the score at the store.

2. Frequent often. Items come and go faster than you'd believe so it pays to go often. If I'm able, I'll go a few times a week. Lucky for me, I have one right down the street so it's easily accessible. You'd be surprised at how often people drop stuff off and how quick people are to snag things up.

3. Know your size. I don't like to try on clothes in Goodwill. It's just gross to me. Through the years, especially after having Liam, I've grown to know my body so usually I can hold something up and know if it will fit or not.

4. Be adventurous! Now's the time! If you hate it, it's $4 or some ridiculously cheap price. Been wanting to try a trend? Go for it! I was intrigued when overalls started popping up in magazines again and wasn't sure if I could get on board. Found a pair almost instantly and fell in love. I get compliments now every time I wear them.

5. Look everywhere. A lot of store are laid out my size but even if you're not a 3X still browse through the aisles. You never know what you might find and more often than not, things are not super organized. Also don't be afraid to get something that's too big. It can be be tailored!

6. Take your time. I love thrifting because of the thrill of the hunt. Yes, it's annoying sometimes looking through every single item of clothing. Well some might find it annoying, I rather enjoy it. There are times when I've had to take Liam and those are usually the times when I'm not as successful at finding anything. Scan the store and then dive right in.

7. Know what you're looking for. Thrift stores can be incredibly overwhelming and full of inventory. I like to go in with an idea of what I'm looking for. A blazer, top, belt, a piece of luggage (of which I've found them all), whatever it is. Start there and if you happen to find a fantastic pair of (with the tags on) Diane von Furstenberg pants, then so be it. :) Yep, pretty proud of that one.

8. Get over the grime. Yep, I get it. Thrift stores can be so nasty. There's really nothing you can do to avoid it so just try to ignore it. And then wash your hands thoroughly afterward. Or shower. I do both. And always always always wash your clothes before you wear them. This seems obvious but it needs to be said.


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