Thinking Cozy Thoughts

This past weekend, we experienced 80 degree weather. 80!!!! It was even better that it was Valentine's Day and we thoroughly enjoyed sipping our mimosas on our patio. I even have tan lines to prove it. And then I woke up the morning of my birthday, two short days later, to rain. Freezing rain. Nothing worse than starting a Monday with layers. So many layers. The dress I had picked out for my birthday was packed away and put on a pant suit instead for work. Happy birthday to me. :) But really, I have no reason to complain. So thankful I don't live in Boston or New York.

But if I had my way, I'd carry out my days from the pleasure of my bed, engorged in blankets, hot chocolate, some Netflix (Parenthood is now the show of choice), a fire in my imaginary fireplace that roars in my bedroom, surrounded by my boys.

There was a string of days that got us thinking we could remove the heavy down comforter from our bed and replace with a lighter blanket. We got ahead of ourselves. Husband however, who runs on hot likes the lighter feel and I'm forced to layer on the blankets on my side of the bed. We are in the process of making over our bedroom and we are on the hunt for the perfect headboard and (new) bedding. I literally want to roll around in this duvet and put my head down on these sheets. They're asking to be slept in. I can hear it. Parachute Home is a newer company with affordable, high quality bedding sets, perfect for aiding in those cozy days at home.

What are your cozy must-haves?

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