Werk It

There's an awkward transition going from working retail (a job where a uniform must be worn, an ugly one at that, and the smell of coffee overtakes everything you put on your body) to going to a corporate job. A job where you pray you don't smell like coffee cause that'd be weird and have to actually dress like a sophisticated human being. And care about what you look like. To be fair, there are a few unnamed who clearly don't care but they also have a lot of cats. I think the two are related. So when I  first started this job I panicked and told husband I needed a whole new wardrobe. Partly true. I added slacks and blazers and actually wore heels longer than two hours. My feet totally hate me for it but the shoe love is real. And month by month, little additions get added and I've realized this...the basics are the most important foundation to a wardrobe. A pencil skirt, trousers, and a blazer can make about 47568 outfits. So I bought this pencil skirt from Zara and I'm convinced it has magical powers of sorts. It holds everything in in the right places, makes me look long and lean (love a good high waist), and it makes people compliment you. Actually, it doesn't make people, people just volunteer their compliments which is nice.

Krista, you've really been losing weight! Have you been working out?

No, actually that's the skirt talking. My diet these days have consisted of Skittles and Mountain Dew.

Clearly my diet hasn't changed to that of a corporate woman.

Moral of the story. Invest in neutral basics. Accessories can be your BFFL. Eat Skittles. Do the Dew.

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