Ramblings at 2:08 PM.

I work in a corporate office and so nightly housekeeping patrols the building. Sometimes I get embarrassed when I look in my trash can and see ten empty Reese's wrappers. Or a bag's worth. Oh, what the janitors must be thinking.

Why is no one around to witness a good hair day?

And why does it always seem the most perfect the second I'm about to jump in the shower?

Waking up to your child's high pitched ramblings in the next room is kinda the best way to wake up. There's so much that can be said about cars and trains, you know.

I've received more beauty gifts working in my office than at any other time in my life. And I work in insurance and engineering.

Lifesaver mints, bless you.

Husband's need for everything to be bleached and tidy and neat is really rocking my world. Would love for it to stick around a while.

The sun came out to say good morning today. So glad it did because I was really starting to think I lived in Seattle.

Found a dresser in the dumpster with the hardware nicely packaged in a drawer. Took it home, gave it a good sanding, a proper paint job and it resides in my little's bedroom looking mighty fine and not at all like the price I payed for it.

Did you know I've found about 20% of the furniture in my home laying next to a dumpster? People throw away the best stuff. And my timing is perfect.

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