On Living Together

This summer, my husband and I will have been married for five years! Yay! When I look at our wedding pictures, I see two babies, seemingly innocent and so wildly carefree. I also see two best friends, who have struggled together and laughed together, created a wonderful human being together, and still learning to live with and love each other every day. Sometimes it feels like a slumber party, other times...not. :) We thought it would be fun to answer a few questions about co-habitation.

1. What's the best thing about living with your spouse?
Krista - There's always a partner and a playmate. I've grown to really rely on his presence. We didn't live together before we were married and we are still learning new things about each other. I love the nights we lay in bed watching ridiculous YouTube videos, laughing hysterically. I love the little moments that you share living with a person. The longer we're married, the more I realize how much I need and love spending time with him. That's so special.
Thomas - She is always there at the beginning of each day and the end at night. She is always there to listen and love and there is never any limit to it. I agree that our favorite times are sitting and doing the little things together. There is never any boredom in just the two of us. I would have to say the best thing is the smiles she gives me and the little laughter between us that sprouts from just us being us, a couple in love. 

2. What's the thing that annoys you about living with your spouse?
K - He's soo noisy. His constant tapping, with a lack of rhythm, can really drive me mad. He's usually always a few decibels louder than I ever care to be. "I bet the neighbors are so mad right now" comes up a little too often.
T - Her getting dressed in the morning. Every time she looks amazing and she is always dressed right before she wakes me up with Liam. It's not every day but some days there are those times when "there is nothing to wear in our entire closet!!" It makes me laugh because I have been wearing khaki shorts and a tee shirt for years now. I believe that it is a staple outfit and the pinnacle for any fashion statement. 

3. Who is cleaner?
K - Depends. Sometimes, I am more than OK with letting the house go and letting husband pick up the slack. Other times, I cannot clean enough. Vise versa. We both have the general rule that before we go to bed or run errands, we spruce the house up a bit. It takes only a few minutes and lets the house remain clean and ready for company. 
T - I would have to say that Krista is much cleaner. As mentioned, she does the most amazing loving gestures for me by deep cleaning the house from places I would never even think to go to. She takes her time and gets the things done that need to get done and are not accomplished throughout the week. We are a team though, when clearing the dishes after dinner we put ourselves in the kitchen and it runs like clockwork. 

4. How do you delegate chores?
K - Thomas is great about keeping the house up during the week when I'm at work. He'll make the bed, even though I'm often the last one up, clean the kitchen and unload that dreaded dishwasher, puts Liam's toys away. The weekend is when I do the deep cleaning, doing all the things that a man wouldn't think to do. I know those ceiling fans will never get clean unless I do it, which I actually prefer. It's the details that I tend (and like) to do.
T - We see what needs to be done and do it. Before the other one leaves, sometimes with just a passing through the door, we will ask the other if there is anything to get at the store or ask the other to do something that was overlooked earlier in the day. 

5. What are some rules you implemented that didn't exist when you were single?
K - It's important to talk money. However awkward, uncomfortable, whatever it may be, we always try to make sure we're both on the same page. It's been a learning experience doing life financially with someone else. We have a rule that if we're going to spend more than $100, we "OK" it with the other person. It helps to keep each other in check. 
T - We knew each other like the back of our hand when we were young and single as a result of us being best friends for years before we were married. However, we've learned quirks about the other. For example, it is a rule that when she's putting on makeup there needs to be a little bit of a bubble there. When we were dating I would purposely try to give her the most kisses during this part of our day. 

6. Favorite room and why?
K - Living room. It most represents us as a family and though decorating is ever changing, it's the most "done" in the house. I love that it connects to the kitchen and I'm still able to chat as husband is making dinner. I love sprawling out with Liam on the floor building tracks, reading book after book on the couch, and cuddling under blankets in front of Modern Family. It's where our family congregates most and really connects with each other.
T - The bedroom, this is the place where things are quiet and even if we are just sitting there doing our own thing, we are together and just being silent with each other. But most of the time this develops into our most important talks and moments together. We look at each other a little bit slower during these times. We joke about our day, or life, or most importantly us. 

7. What chore do you hate the most?
K - Laundry. We both do, however, we've agreed that I'm the laundry doer in our family. If it were left to him, it just wouldn't get done.
T - LAUNDRY! folding it primarily but then also switching it can be something that I may complain about. Sometimes a load may sit in the washer for an extra day forcing a re- wash (only to make sure it's double clean). 

8. Something your spouse does in and for the house that you most appreciate?
K - Thomas loves going to the store. Unless I'm shopping for clothes or home decor, I'd rather not. I love that if we're out of toothpaste, he's more than willing to run to the store (even if it's before bed) and grab some. He calls maintenance, changes light bulbs, and does the "manly" things around our home. Most recently, he completely redid Liam's dresser and had it staged back in Liam's room before I was even home from work. THE best.
T - Her endless patience. When she comes home from her full time job and I think to myself that Liam has been a little taxing that day, she comes home immediately and just picks up where she left off that morning. She sometimes doesn't even let me change his diaper. That is both her gift to me and to Liam. They have an extremely special relationship and it's a gift that I am able to witness that on a daily basis. 

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