Dress Me Like a Man

Trousers, Zara, unavailable in grey | Loafers, Zara, also these look like I need them | Top, Marshalls, Ring, Ash and Willow, Bracelet, Ash and Willow

 Do y'all get on shopping kicks where you only ever want to buy from one place? I do and it's currently Zara. And I can't stop. I mean, if I'm forced but please don't force me to...

But their sales are always just so so good and always the best quality and if I love anything in this world, it's simple clothes. The basics. Zara = basics which is why I love them so.

Two out of three things I'm wearing are Zara. Trousers and shoes. I convinced husband I MUST purchase them because I needed new work clothes. And I do! It's just that I'm soo addicted to menswear inspired looks and have been looking everywhere for a pair of loafers and these just kinda fell into my lap. Lap, online shopping cart. It's the same, no? Really, I was forced to buy them.

Bless the FedEx man who just dropped off a white pair this afternoon.

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