No and the terrible twos and not being quite two

Liam's favorite word right now is "no." 

Hey Liam, I love you! 

As he takes my hand, pulling me into the kitchen asking for a banana rather earnestly, Liam, do you want a banana?
No! And then gobbles it down.

Are you ready to go?

Can we put your shoes on! 

You thirsty? How 'bout some water?
No! And reaches for his cup. 

The context isn't always right and he certainly doesn't comprehend what "no" fully means. Although if he doesn't actually want something, he definitely knows to say no. The word is at the forefront of his mind at all times. Last night, husband and I went in to check on Liam and reposition his blankets. He often, mid sleep, will rock himself or bang his head on the pillow which is always a little startling when I see it (I used to rock myself to sleep too so I'm no person to judge). As I tucked his blanket under his arm, he suddenly starting banging his head and shouted NO! Dead asleep, eyes still sealed shut. As I left the room, shoulders shaking from laughter trying to muffle the sound, I realized the best is yet to come. It just keeps getting better being his mama. The joy I feel from watching him grow and learn and even tell me no...the best. 

This is my favorite age so far. Although they should really call it the "terrible twos, starting at 15 months." 

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