Day Seven

Trench, Target | Top, F21 | Pants (thrifted), Banana Republic, similar here and here | Shoes, F21 | Glasses, UO, similar

Day seven of the new year. How has y'alls 2015 been so far? When January hit I realized how close we are to April which means Liam will be TWO. Why is it that once you have children, time speeds up? It's like a cruel joke. These past few days, I've woken up to a quiet house and have had to wake up husband and the bub. Yesterday I was even able to sneak in my quiet time for twenty minutes! These resolutions are being put to action people! :) Liam woke up today asking for "a nana" (banana) I learned this week that he's a creature of habit. He wants his O's and nana in the morning, with a cup of milk on the side. Don't try substituting a Cutie for a banana. It won't happen. Anytime past 10 AM is OK though. And hugs, oh the boy and his hugs. He will walk around the house giving "huuuuu" to mama or dada and I melt a little every time. I left for work this morning with a "huuu" and a "bu-bye" and a door slam. That's love, people.

Also, Dallas has been experiencing earthquakes daily for the past week. I feel like I'm home in California! I've only felt one of them (last night while I was laying in bed) but there were apparently 12 yesterday all over 3 magnitude. So we may sink into the ground at any point. Texans are not at all dramatic.

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