5 Minute Post

Sometimes one is running a bit late this morning. And SOMETIMES you only have five minutes to write a post. Not that eeeeeeither of those facts pertain to me, but here's a few little bits.

1. I've been carrying around a notebook with me for when inspiration strikes. Low and behold, it's been helpful and the pages are getting filled!
2. Dry shampoo is my BFFL.
3. So are makeup remover wipes.
4. And top knots.
5. Can you tell I haven't showered today?
6. When husband brings home {still warm} chicken parm from my in-laws (thanks Teresa!) it makes Hump Day THAT much better.
7. This cold weather needs to die! So ready for my Levi denim shorts again. And for this pasty complexion to not be so...well, pasty. You feel me?
8. This didn't actually take five minutes.

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