Little Bits

Happy Hump Day! With the anticipation of leaving for California this week, time has stood still. Hate when that happens. Here's a few things that are making me terribly happy:
The little is ready to hit the road! Last night I got 80% of the packing done and just have odds and ends to do. I seriously hate packing and am rather pleased that I got a jump start on it. I'm usually a pack at midnight the night before kinda gal. 
An art display at NorthPark Mall in Dallas. Liam wasn't into it obviously, but husband thought it was swell. That scenario is pretty common. Haha.
Every year husband begs me to build gingerbread houses. For some reason, we've never made them since we've been married and husband doesn't let me forget it. I did it some growing up but for husband, it was a tradition year after year. I kinda feel like a bad wife! BUT we had our Christmas with the in-laws this past weekend and of course, gingerbread houses were part of the night. He was so happy. He takes this very seriously and I had to plead him to let me him with his house. 
As you can see, Liam had no interest which is surprising since candy was involved. He's usually a pecking bird at the thought of anything sweet. Trains < candy.
Our family of three went to look at Christmas lights. Is it just me or are people putting up lights less and less each year? Sad panda.
My favorite way to braid my hair these days. I wear it this way at least twice a week.

GUYS. I won a giveaway. Not only did I win a giveaway, I won a Damsel in Dior giveaway...a Hedi Merrick tee!! I literally screamed and jumped up and down when I received the email that I won. I never win anything and am MORE than OK with this being my first. As we speak, I mean as I write, I just received an email saying its been shipped. EEP!

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