Casual Sunday

Jeans, Levis | Plaid top, thrifted | Sweatshirt, Wal Mart | Hunter Boots, can't find the color anywhere! | Socks, Target

 When I'm feeling sick and I must leave the house, I want to be as comfortable as possible. So this outfit came through-my top barely skimmed my tummy and felt like I was still in my jammies, hair still wet from my hour long piping hot bath. It's always a win when you can look put together and be comfy. Pretty ideal, if you ask me.

Hope your weekend was lovely, friends! We had our Christmas with my in-laws last night and Liam was such a trooper and stayed up until 10:30 pm without one fit. Did you hear me? NOT ONE FIT! Guys, this does not happen when it's almost four hours past his bedtime. I guess that's what magnetic trains does to the boy. It was a wonderful night eating way too much food and all sitting around chatting.

 Happy it's Monday since it's only a four day week for me and come Thursday, we'll be road trippin'! Better get to packin soon.

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