Family Date: Train Display

Yesterday we visited the train display at NorthPark Mall in Dallas. If you're in Dallas, it's definitely a must do during Christmas, especially for littles. Liam is obsessed with trains and we knew it would be a hit. We were there about an hour or more and Liam would've been content for five more hours. While we waited for auntie to arrive we watched the trains go around and around the Christmas tree in the window display. We walked away to meet her and there may or may not have been an ear piercing shriek (turned melt down). I guess that means the afternoon was going to be a hit? ;) Finally going inside, Liam's eyes were as big as saucers. He didn't say much which is pretty telling. Stimulation overload! Fortunately for him, there just might be a train set wrapped under the tree from Santa. It's been so tempting to wanna give it to him early; I can't wait to see his face when he opens it.
The display takes you from the east coast to west coat, covering all the major cites: New York, Washington DC, Dallas, Austin, Albuquerque, and San Francisco.
The detail was incredible.
Mama, there's no time for pictures. Train's coming!
Waiting patiently for the next train.
The balloons moved up and down...so fascinating for Liam!

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