What I'm reaching for

My makeup routine has been pretty light these days. Light foundation coverage, brows (always brows!), swipe of blush, mascara and a lip and I'm done. 

I've tried a variety of BB creams and have never found one that is light enough for my skin tone. So irritating. But the L'Oreal's Skin Beautifying BB Cream is actually perfect and gives just the right amount of coverage. Next I will throw on MAC's pro longwear concealer which is my new holy grail. This stuff is amazing. Run, don't walk to get one. For brows, lately I've been reaching for my Naked Basics palette for my brows. And on days when I want a little more, the neutral colors in the palette are pretty much perfection. You can do any look you want with this palette. I love it. 

I was given the Younique mascara as a gift and I've fallen in love with it. Have y'all tried it? It's a two step mascara, starting with a gel and then the fiber wand. I have the stupidest lashes and this has been the only stuff that actually makes them look long. And fake! I love that you can apply more coats too to make the lashes more dramatic. 

After that I love to put Vaseline on my lips. It's my perfect chapstick. I put it on nightly before bed and wake up to my lips still feeling soft. That's a miracle. I also use it for about a million other things too but love it on my lips. I'll throw on a lip color (lately a bold one) and give a few spritzes of NYX's setting spray and I'm done. This routine is so easy and quick which is the best part about it.

My hair is usually quick too because I shower and do my hair the night before. My hair is hard to tame and there's no time in the morning to calm the lion's mane that is my hair. So I do everything the night before and then the next morning all I do is tame fly aways and spray Not Your Mother's dry shampoo. Because of this stuff, I only have to wash my hair once a week, twice maaaaybe. It's a miracle and has really saved my hair. I love the texture it gives my hair without making it feel like straw. I've used several that just leave my feeling nasty. This stuff is awesome.

What items are you reaching for lately?

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