Monday sickies

Liam came down with a cold Sunday evening and by Monday morning it hit him like a ton of bricks. It's no wonder Mondays have such a bad reputation. The pure guy is miserable. Stuffed up and runny nose all at the same time, how does that happen? And his cough just breaks my heart. Sunday we did lots of cuddling and read books over and over. He would come over to me, asking me to read What Do You See and climb in my lap, recline and point to the doll!! (dolphin) or beeeee (bee). We didn't leave the house and kept warm in flannels and slippers. Monday morning I gave husband instructions on what medicine to give him and waited for the text message telling me Liam was a handful and a crankster. Instead, at 4pm I got a phone call and listened to the voice on the other end ever so sweetly say,

 Mama! Mama! 

and then husband say,

He just wanted to hear your voice. I was going to leave a voice mail so he could hear your recording since I thought you wouldn't answer but he got so excited when you said hello.

It was mine and Liam's first phone conversation. We chatted mostly just saying hi to each other but I'll always remember it and get teary eyed thinking about it. Sometimes a boy just needs his mama and daddy won't do.

If only I had my mama now that I'm sick.

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