weekend layers

 Jeans, Target, similar | Boyfriend tee shirt, Target | Chambray top, Marshals (old), Jacket, Burberry | Boots, Kohls | Glasses, UO, similar | Beanie, got it from my mama

On Liam: Sweatshirt, gift | Shoes, Target | Pants, Osh Kosh | Puffer vest, Target

We're spending the weekend indoors since it's freezing and tomorrow there's a chance of snow. Last week was in the 80's. I'm not complaining though, I love this weather. Husband and I treated ourselves to our first peppermint mocha of the season (we only allow ourselves to drink them at Christmas time. Yes, I know it's not technically Christmas time. Poor Thanksgiving). Husband has class all weekend as he's taking an accelerated class so it's me and bear and we're spending our time under blankets watching Curious George and Charlotte's Web. It's been such a profound moment as a parent watching Liam fall in love with Wilbur and "caaaaaa (cow) and baaaaaaa (sheep)." We also watched Milo and Otis together but he only lasted about five minutes. In due time.

Happy weekend!

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