High Five for Friday

Friday Friday! (sung in a sing-song voice) Here's a look back at my week.

1. Today at work we're having an all day team building exercise called Tree Camp. (I work in the Forest Products department so it's all very pun-intended.) The engineering department is putting it together and it's a surprise and we don't have any idea what we're doing but it's all day which is rather exciting and makes the day fly by. Plus, I get a neon pink shirt with my name on it. Sweeet!

2. Liam swims in the bath. Like literally swims. We've turned a corner from tiny toddler to big toddler and he's doing all these things to show his mama just how fast time is flying by. It's so rewarding to watch him grow and learn but it's a little bittersweet. He is talking and learning all sorts of new words. Show, banana (nana), car, cat, cow, ball, 1,2,3, bath, more, thank you, it goes on and on. Love that growing boy.

3. It got cold here. Real cold. Temps in the 30s, wind chill making it feel in the teens. Guys, we've hit record temperatures for this time of year. I'm scared for January.

4. I feel like I can officially say the holiday season is here. My husband would never allow it but I'm so ready to decorate the house, get the tree, blare Christmas music, peppermint mochas, gift shopping, I'm ready for it ALL.

5. Mistook peanut butter m&m's for candy apple m&m's. NOT THE SAME. That was such a rude surprise.

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