Though it wasn't technically Liam's first Halloween, I treated it like it was. Last year, we spent the whole day driving, moving from California to Texas. Though we dressed him up (he was a surgeon) he didn't last long before an outfit change was required. It was a lame day. So this year, we wanted to make it more special for him. As you know, he was a monkey and I wanted to be something in that theme. I came up with the idea of being a tree (you know, monkey in a tree!) and spent the night before adorning leaves to a makeshift crown. It was super easy and Liam belly laughed every time he saw me with it on. Thomas had the bright idea of being a stroller. Yes, that's right, a stroller. Still don't know why he thought it would be a good idea but he was set on it. Well he didn't get the ball rolling and the stroller never came to be (thank goodness). I spent the latter half of the afternoon the day of finding a costume for him. So alas, he was a baby. He looked ridiculous. And I couldn't stop laughing every time I looked at him. He made his own diaper, even used a glue gun! He wore my purple pregnancy leggings and he came to discover why it is that girls seem to think they are acceptable pants. Oh, the comfort! Also, I've come to realize that they are just as inappropriate for men to wear as pants as it is for women. We spent the night with my in-laws, walking around the neighborhood and taking turns taking Liam door to door. He had the best fan club and neighbors thought he was just the cutest and were quite impressed with his entourage. We made it several blocks before Liam pooped out. It was the perfect night and we ended it around the table with a big bowl of pasta and a sleepy babe who had crashed after his sugar high.

^^^Daddy and Uncle John taking Liam to the door. THIS was an exciting house.^^^

Saturday morning, we woke up slowly, some still in their costume and organized Liam's stash. That little boy was delighted, mostly because he realized chocolate was inside those glorious wrappers. Game changer. Husband cooked breakfast and Liam and I spent time on the floor playing with new toys.
He loves stacking things right now. Anything and everything can be made into a tower.
Bath paint from Auntie Teresa and Uncle John that he is overly anxious to put to good use.
Candy in the bucket, candy dumped out. Repeat.
Husband helped Liam put together his new Lego boat. Actually, Liam didn't even help at all. Husband took full control which is how he'd probably like it. He hasn't outgrown his Lego love.
Chocolate can be stacked too!
All put together!
That look that husband gives Liam, I see so much love. Those eyes say so much and I pray one day Liam grows up knowing how much his daddy loves him. 
Halloween this year was so special. 

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