Husband and I do this thing whilst watching The Voice--compare everything to Scott Stapp's voice. You know, headman from Creed. It stemmed from sharing our annoyances with one of Blake's finalists and it got a little out of control from there. Doesn't matter if you sing like Aretha Franklin, we'll probably compare you to Creed. Naturally.

Last night, we carried on about said contestant's Scott Stapp similarities and lack of uniqueness and somehow that led to other Creed songs. Thinking "Dolphins Cry" by Live was sung by Creed, I ask husband if he's heard of it.

Babe, Creed would never sing about dolphins.

No, I swear, it's a song.

I youtube it, discover it's definitely sung by Live, and do what any person naturally does while watching a singing show. Belt it, obviously.

In order to further prove my point to husband that it's a good song (husband trashed it), we text his brother and ask if he's heard of it.

I've heard a song about dove's crying, but dolphins??

I died.

He didn't like the song either, but tell me, have YOU heard a song about dove's crying? Or dolphins?

And a Happy Veterans Day (a day late) to my very own veteran and all the others in my life. So proud of you and thankful for what you've done for our country. 

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