Love runs deep

Jeans: Target | Sweater and tshirt: thrifted | Shoes: Jessica Simpson

Today I'm feeling groggy, like my bed is miles and miles in the distance, and there's not enough coffee in this world to make me feel awake. Monday morning always comes too soon. Every time. This weekend was slow. Me and Liam had that mommy/son date at home. The TV off, and we spent time playing on the floor, playing with cars and tractors and building wooden towers in our jammies. Husband was going to a Dallas Stars/San Jose Sharks game that night with his brother and Uncle John came early to play with Liam. That little boy loves his uncle. They're quite the pair. Off to the game they went, and Liam and I pampered ourselves with a long hot bath and a hair mask. One had the bath, one had the mask--you decide.

The following morning was slow and chilly. I love this time of year. Hot coffee means more and french toast breakfasts seems like the right thing to do. An impromptu text later that morning from a friend found us all at our old stomping grounds, reminiscing, talking to creepy ex-customers we wish we hadn't run into, and talk of "those were the days" came up again and again. The afternoon continued over at our place, snacking with a beer in hand. It's been so long since the four of us laughed like that. Stories of Brookie and US Marshals (she's a flight attendant) brought tears of joy and I couldn't help but look around and be so grateful. We've come so far. Friends for five years, never allowing distance to come between. And now there's a babe in the mix and watching our friends who have become family love on my son, it's like whoa. heart explosion.

Love really does run deep.

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