The Patch

Fall has already been so good to us. While the weather may not be an indicator that the season's changed, we certainly have embraced this time of year. I buy at least one new fall candle every year and it's already almost time to replace it. We are hardcore candle lovers over here and it's just hard to not love that mulled cider smell. It just calls for pumpkin pie (despite my distaste for it) and a hot bev in hand. I told husband we needed to go to the pumpkin patch so Liam could pick out a few. After purchasing some fake ones and realizing his love for them was intense, I knew it was time for the real deal. To my surprise, he agreed! See, husband doesn't do holidays early. In his mind, pumpkins don't come into the picture until it's almost Halloween and we don't go tree pickin' till WELL after Thanksgiving. I'd like to think that I'm changing his mind, but I think Liam has more to do with it. Kids. They soften you. He even said we could go a second time to pick a "fresher" pumpkin to carve. Hell hath frozen over.

The best part about this pumpkin patch extravaganza is that this was the first patch me and Thomas went to when we moved to Texas in 2010. We didn't realize it til we drove up and just looked at each other and yelled "oh my gooooosh." We're sentimental ones who love tradition. Well now this happy accident has gone and made itself a tradition. 
^^^the olden days. I mean, we look like babies! And now we have our own little babe. I like life.^^^
^^^Liam especially liked moving the pumpkins and standing on the wooden pallets. Don't know why but he would freak out if we tried to move him along. Up and down. Up and down. He does weird things and I kinda like it.^^^
^^^One of the chosen ones.^^^
^^^He especially loves the little guys. Discovered we almost stole that little guy til I found it in his hand accompanying us to the car.^^^
^^^We spent some time taking all the little pumpkins out of their corral and putting them back in. The little guy looooooves to organize. He also threw a fit when we told him we needed to go and not move all the pumpkins. If you hadn't gathered, we're in a fit throwing stage. It's a blast.^^^
^^^"No guys, I don't want to take a picture. I want to rearrange these pumpkins."^^^
^^^"I'll take a picture with mama though." I'm his favorite. :)^^^
^^^Hay maze. It was the cutest watching Liam's little curls bob through the maze. Watching the two of them makes me sing.^^^
^^^Gourds. The perfect size for him. Also had to make sure we didn't steal these either.^^^
^^^His first temporary tattoo. Loved it. The first one didn't work so the little girl did another one. She was the cutest with Liam^^^
^^^My whole world^^^
^^^We found the cutest indoor/outdoor frozen custard shop. Never been a fan of custard but this. Oh, I could eat it daily with ease. Husband was a happy happy boy.^^^

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