^^^family ice cream date^^^
^^^I owe my sister for the best pumpkin cookie recipe ever. Apparently Liam is also a fan since his helping turned into mostly licking the spoon.^^^

^^^since moving, most of our lamp shades took a turn for the worst and instead of tossing them, I knew I could re-purpose them. I just finished this pendant over the weekend. It was so easy to do and am a bit obsessed with the outcome. I cut off the fabric and removed the glue from the shade, leaving only the shell. I stupidly forgot to check to see how the shade was framed; instead of looking like the skeleton of a shade it just has the top portion. I like it better that way anyhow so that was a happy accident. I spray painted the frame copper (including the light hardware) and from a light kit I bought at Lowe's, wired the kit into the frame. I originally had a completely different lamp wire but it wasn't the look I was going for. After a quick search on Etsy, I found exactly what I was looking for, color and everything! I rewired the light, installed a more vintagey bulb which gives off a warmer glow, and husband helped me hang it from the ceiling. I'm so in love with how simple it is but it makes such a statement. That little corner still needs a small side table and a few accessories but it's coming together nicely. ^^^
^^^Some nights (they've been more frequent lately) we miss Liam way too much so we get him out of bed and bring him to our bedroom for cuddles. Sometimes he cuddles right in, never opening an eye lid. Other times, he takes a few minutes to come to, sits up and gives us this sheepishly groggy grin that just makes me wanna die. Husband usually takes a picture which causes this--a flash, causing shock to the untrained eye.^^^
^^^Fall in Dallas^^^
^^^His favorite side of the crib. And my favorite position of his.^^^
^^^We're obsessed with The Voice. Last week, we judged like the judges do...blindly. We sat facing our backs to the TV and turned if we thought the singer was one we'd want on our team. Embarrassing.^^^
^^^ #dad^^^
^^^And Liam gettin' down on some dough^^^

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