State Fair o' Texas

This past weekend we did what any normal Texas dwellers do in the fall; we went to the State Fair. I've only been once before with my best friend to see Eli Young Band. And we didn't even "go" to the fair. Husband had never been at all so we knew it must be done. The weather was marvelous, warm enough for shorts but didn't feel like our faces were melting off so that was nice. We were so excited to treat Liam to the overpriced games and rides. It truly was one of the best days we've had as a family. We laughed a ton, enjoyed way too much fried food, and chased after a little boy all afternoon. By the end of the day, we were spent. Liam was so overstimulated and crashed. By the time the last drop of our margarita was consumed he had lost it. He was walking aimlessly everywhere and when guided would hang limp and just panic cry. All you mothers know that cry. It's usually the one that signals it's time to go, your day is done. But it truly was the best day.
^^^He loves bubbles. He's currently uttering "Woooowwwww!" his favorite word.^^^

^^^found a rocking chair that I could've stayed in all day.^^^
^^^if you're going to eat a corn dog, it's best to eat it fried. no other dog will compare now^^^
^^^Liam won his first prize! The object was to throw a ball and pop the balloons and he hit two out three. Once he threw his first ball, he was hooked. He loves that little monkey he won. Walks everywhere with it around his neck for hours. I came home from work last night to him in his jammies and his good ol' monkey. The cutest.^^^
^^^any chance for him to color, he'll take. We have several walls in our house that prove it.^^^
^^^Ski Ball, never been worse at a Fair game^^^
^^^The best tag-a-long anyone could have^^^
^^^sweet goatee, dude^^^
^^^his first ride! Not sure what he thought about it as he was pretty serious the whole time. I know EXACTLY how I felt about it. Daddy can ride with him the next time.^^^

^^^that car. I'm pretty sure it hasn't left his side since he won it. He wakes up in the morning, brings it to me and says "CAA!" in the best British accent.^^^
^^^We tried so hard to get L to try cotton candy. I don't know if it was a texture thing but he would. not. do. it. Couldn't even get him to taste it. I tried hiding it in his gold fish crackers even. "I'm not stupid Mama."^^^

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