high five for friday

It's Friday which is swwweeet! My husband has a theory about Fridays. When Thursday comes, one is excited. Why? Because the next day is Friday and nobody cares about Fridays. Fridays may as well be the weekend. To him, Thursdays are the new Fridays. I can get on board with that and it does seem to make my week go by just that much faster. 

It's been a good week and here's a few reasons why.

1. I just started watching Scandal. Do you watch it? I'm hooked and spend way too many hours a day getting sucked into the drama on Pennsylvania Avenue. I'm halfway through the third season. I don't want to tell you when I started. 

2. Thomas taught Liam how to give a handshake. It's one of the cutest things I've ever seen. Have you ever seen a 19 month old give a person a handshake? You'd die.

3. The weather has finally started cooling which means I've worn sweaters and jackets this week. THIS is exciting! Word on the street, we may even have a cold front on the way. knock on wood.

4. So glad I live in Dallas at a time when Ebola hits the US. Truly exciting news, ladies and gentlemen. Thankful for good health that WON'T be taking me to Texas Presbyterian Hospital. 

5. GIANTS. They truly light my fire. #worldseries

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