high five for Friday

Hey-o! It's almost the weekend! We have plans to go to a pumpkin palooza (what even is that? Don't know, but we plan on finding out) and do some pumpkin activities which may include glow in the dark paint and some batter-lickin'.

This week flew by. Wednesday felt like Tuesday and Thursday felt like Monday. Ha.

1. And just like that, this boy is super affectionate. He gives "lippy kissies" all the time and loves to sit in my lap. Daddy is his playmate but Mama, she's his "everything" mate. This week involved lots of cuddle time due to some owies (shots and a smashed finger) and I didn't complain.

2. Having a child around brings a lot of happiness. After he goes to bed, I love looking around the house at all the places he's been. A car in the bathroom cart, TV remote in the bathtub, "Are You My Mother" in the pots cabinet, and TV-watching with a T-Rex. 

 3. Grandpa Stover sent a box full of Dr. Seuss books this week. And now, my brain feels tongue tied from reading them over and over. They're currently on repeat.

 4. I got my new work calendar this week. This is probably only exciting to me but it's huge and its crisp pages are calling to be written in.

5. Grace Elizabeth Stover came into the world last night. So happy for my brother and sister-in-law. Little Gracie is already loved by so many and I can't wait to meet her. Proud Auntie.

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