Pumpkin Palooza

This weekend we dubbed Pumpkin Palooza, for we were going to indulge on anything pumpkin related. Saturday morning started out slow. I slept in until 7:30 AM (dang motherhood) which actually felt rather delicious. Later in the afternoon after the little had napped we headed out to Pumpkinville. It was the cutest little pumpkin patch and Liam loved carrying his pumpkin of the minute around. The problem with Texas in the Fall is that it doesn't actually feel like Fall so after about an hour and half, husband couldn't handle the heat anymore. He's a bit sensitive to temps over 70 degrees. Liam was overheated as well so it was for the best. Auntie Anna came over once we got home and we decorated felt pumpkins (turned into a garland in Liam's room), ate homemade chilli and watched the Giants win again. It was a busy and full day.
Sunday was great in that we may have found a home church. This is a big step--it's been about a year long search and it's been a daunting process. The Bible belt is such a difficult place to find a church that fits our needs. Ironic. Later we napped, I made pumpkin snickerdoodle cookies with Liam's "help" and watched another winning World Series game. It was such a fabulous weekend where everything went according to plan and Monday morning starts feeling refreshed.

^^^Pumpkin pie. So cute.^^^
^^^waving to Daddy in a bed of corn^^^
^^^Never to early to learn to shift^^^
^^^It took Liam a while to warm up to being in the corn. He wasn't so sure about the texture. He eventually started dancing and throwing the corn. That got shut down. But Liam's little springy curls are coming in quite nicely. They are my favorite.^^^
^^^Favorite. He plays hard which is why he only has one shoe on.^^^
^^^I couldn't figure out why Liam was so grumpy on the way home. After taking off his shoes, I realized that the 20 kernels that had found a home in his shoes might have had something to do with it.^^^
^^^This kid was a menace. Liam wasn't a fan.^^^
^^^down his pants^^^
^^^didn't realize he was the girl til I just saw this picture. Oops.^^^

How was your weekend?

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