House to home: a curtain sale with Bedding Inn

Since moving in June, our house feels like it has been one big project. It seems our weekends are filled with DIY projects and perusing furniture stores. An apartment can be such a drab piece of white and it's important for me to incorporate my personality into my home. I was quickly aware of just how white the walls were and knew that I needed some color. It's been fun discovering how my style has changed over the years (even the last few months) and usually once I have things arranged just so, I'm itching to move everything around again. I have a constant need to create. Some of the biggest statement pieces I like to make, and are usually the easiest to change out, are linens. From pillows to bedding to curtains, they all make a huge impact and make the most punch in your space. They ground everything and pull your space together. And what's better than a one stop shop? Bedding Inn is having a huge 2014 Christmas curtain sale! Curtains, for me, aren't just a way to add color, but they are also functional. Texas is HOT in the Summer and COLD in the Winter. Curtains help to keep the heat out/in, depending on the season. The more we can regulate the temperature in the house, the smaller our electric bill which means more money in our pocket. Seriously, who doesn't want that? So curtains are crucial for us. While I love curtains that are simple, I usually love the drama that printed curtains can make. These blue ones are the perfect mix of simplicity and interest. And bonus, Bedding Inn is offering 65% off!

I also love these discount grommet top curtains that draw your eye up and create the illusion of taller ceilings. Essential for apartment living! Adding a sheer curtain will add more interest too (check out Bedding Inn's custom sheer curtain sale!)

Once I decide on my color palette, curtains are usually next to go up. From there, deciding on a focal point and furniture placement, and then the fun stuff...knick knacks! 

Disclosure: A big thank you to Bedding Inn for sponsoring this post. While I was compensated to write a post, all opinions are my own.

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