The day we fried our patookies off

The other week we braved the hot weather and went to the Dallas Arboretum Children's Garden. It was just so. hot. But the garden is so well done and Liam loved it. Its acres are sprawling with a mass variety of flowers and brush sprinkled with so many activities for children under six. We spent most of our time playing in the rock bed creek. L and husband giggled their heads off spraying each other and no matter that their clothes were soaked in five minutes flat. It was so refreshing playing in the cool water, for L and for us. We walked through mazes, got lost and turned around a time or two, looked at bug displays, wished we had stayed at the creek for a little while longer, got hatched from an egg, played leap frog, and watched the sand pendulum do its magic. Liam is becoming quite the little explorer but always with the help of mama and daddy. He doesn't have a whole lot of gumption, but ALWAYS has the desire. By three I have no doubt that the gumption will surface. We had the intent of going to the main part of the Arboretum after we had toured the children's garden but after two hours, we were so overheated and feeling a bit dehydrated that we had to call it a day. But  I would still love to visit every season. They have the whole garden dressed per season. A few years ago we went during the Fall and it was absolutely stunning. Christmas, I'm sure, would be a dream. We both agreed too that it would be nice to go when we can stand to be outside without an ice pack glued to our necks.
^^^the cutest little play house where you could play in the sand and find treasures^^^
^^^our most favorite part. that creek was everything that day^^^
^^^love these two. always such the pair^^^
^^^I adore this family of mine. And those misters. 
This picture happened due to our love for those things 
and never wanting to leave them. Ever. 
Also husband is wearing my sunshades. Cutie.^^^
^^^there was a lot of cacti. Probably due to the hellish heat they're able to endure.^^^
We left the garden and drove around the city. We explored downtown and drove through old Dallas neighborhoods. One of our favorite things to do together is go for drives and dream of us living a different life--the jobs we'd hold, the houses we'd live in. Our most favorite is peering in windows (from the car of course, that would just be creepy otherwise) and seeing how said houses are decorated. Sometimes, it's just amazing.
^^^you couldn't pay me to eat here ^^^

It was a good day. A hot day, but oh so good nonetheless. We ended with a relaxing dinner with my in-laws, thankful for a day filled with so much love.

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