Painting with kool aid

Most obvious statement ever: I love the weekends. I mean really, who doesn't? But those two days I cherish so much because Liam and I get dedicated time together, just the two of us. Husband sadly has to work all weekend so weekends are not his personal fav. But the break from the mundane work week is so welcome by Saturday. We do tons of arts and crafts, go to the park after bedtime, build tracks of all varieties, blow bubbles, run around like zombies, it's all fun and games. And that's how I like it. I don't get to do that during the week and I LIVE for it.

This last weekend I wanted to do something fun and creative with him while also tackling some decorating that severely needs to get done around here. It looks so sparse it's stupid. So I had the idea of painting with kool aid. I already needed to go grocery shopping so I picked up a few packs (5 for $1. Can't beat it), varying in color. We came home, put the groceries away and got to kool aiding. Yes, that's a word; look it up.

I found some paper I didn't mind Liam using (I just used computer paper). I gave him a paint brush and a cup of water and had him go to town painting the paper. He loves painting so this was awesome. You can also use a spray bottle too, I just liked the idea of Liam doing it. I sprinkled the kool aid powder over the painted sections of water. The sweet part is the kool aid kinda "explodes" once it hits the water. That part was especially cool to Liam who just thought the painting was fun. Continue painting or spraying the water until the paper is completely saturated (or only where you want color to show). Some paper had a massive amount of color and some we just used one color sparsely.

I love the way it turned out and best of all, Liam loved it. We did four pieces overall and I plan on framing them all side by side. Artwork and a fun afternoon for L--the best!

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