Ideas Ideas?

As Liam is getting older, he's been so much fun to play and interact with. His world has expanded so much and it's incredibly rewarding to see his brain develop. He's outgrown a lot of his baby toys and loves putting things together, coloring, helping mama and daddy build something, interactive apps, and really anything that "gets his hands dirty." I love coming home from work and building a fort with him or coloring in his Clifford coloring book, or doing anything that lets his mind really work. He loves it and I...well, I just love a good fort to be honest.

So internet world! I need your help! I am currently taking recommendations for some fun activities for toddlers. It can be toys, games, activities, whatever. Let that big ol' creative mind of yours wander! Any advice you can give is appreciated.
DIY Dyed Blocks and other DIY toddler sensory activities. @Sarah Nugent Swegles Kylie would love some of these!

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