My reminder

I'll be the first to admit, Dallas isn't the prettiest place I've ever lived. How do you compete with the Rocky Mountains in your backyard or the Cypress trees around every bend? You don't. So, like I said, Dallas isn't the prettiest place I've lived. That being said, it does have its moments. Like when we're at our favorite park, feeding the ducks and watching the turtles bob their little head up and down. Or when you watch the sun set across a pond surrounded by so much greenery. Or when fall is starting to rear itself and that hour before bedtime is the most perfect temperature and sometimes that means staying up waaaaaay too late past our bedtime and paying for it the next day. To me, living in Dallas is more about the experience than the scenery.  I love the ice cream shacks that only open their doors during the summer months. That Sundays are sacred here and you're somewhat forced to relax with stores being closed. I love that you could eat out every day of your life and still not eat at every restaurant in town. I love the sound of the cicadas singing at night and the way Texas just has that smell. I love that famous BBQ and that Dr. Pepper is e.v.e.r.y.where. I love that the economy is booming and that crime rate is low. So no, it's not the prettiest and it's heart wrenching to be so far from my family but we've made a great life here. We're happy, successful and don't know what our future holds but so pleased God has placed us here for now.

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