Twinkle lights under the setting sun

Last night was a rarity.Twinkle lights were hung around 5pm without excessive sweating and heavy puffing and husband was home from class before the sun had gone down. Say what? This is unheard of in August and we took advantage of sitting outside while enjoying a nice cold beverage, listening to the cicadas sing. Summer is not dead! It was wonderful. We watched as a mother and her son raced each other and we dreamed of the days when Liam will say, "Race you, Mama!" This same mother had a dead battery so husband when down to help jump start her car. My heart ached for the little family of two as her son stepped in a red ant hill and cried with pain as he got bit repeatedly. It was not their night. And as I watched from the balcony above, I felt so proud of the man I married. He was gentle and kind and so concerned for the little boy who made him think of his own little sleeping just steps away. This is the second time in a week he's helped someone with their car. Liam and I waited a few days ago while he helped an older woman who had run out of gas in the middle of a three lane, push her out of the road and offer to buy her gas. I'm thankful that Liam, though too young to remember, sees his father's generosity. Tonight, though the woman's battery was toast and ruined our jumper cables because of it, I was so proud of him. I love how he jumps at the chance to help, always saying, "What if that were you?"

We spent several hours outside talking about our passions and ways to explore them. It's been a long time since we've been able to have such devoted time together. It's been a crazy few weeks and the night was a sweet reminder to slow down and take advantage of God's beauty. The early evenings are one of my favorite times of day. There's a glow as the sun is setting that immediately connects me to my Maker. His arms are wrapped around me and His love is so real. It's like a giant hug. He's here, touching everything.

 Thankful for our nights in.

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