Dear Liam

I'm not good at writing in your baby book. They say the first born's book is always so detailed and full and then with each child, the book seems to be forgotten. Weeeeell, not so in my case. I'm a little...behind...shall we say. I've pulled it out for it to be a weekend project, at least.

So in my need to not forget the details and keep everything fresh in my head, here are a few things:

You're a screamer. Happy, sad, doesn't matter but boy those lungs can stretch. Sometimes you even lose your voice.
You run away (doesn't matter if it's into a wall) when you're upset. It's quite funny. And infuriating.
You love books. You turn the pages and "read" to yourself. I have countless videos on my phone of you babbling away to yourself.
Your hair is coming in quite nicely. 15 months later!
You have such a happy spirit.
You've never been one to grow teeth one at a time. You currently have four coming in in the back. Two on each side.
You love to give kisses.
Sadie is becoming your friend and you love to give her hugs. Sadie doesn't always love the hugs. Although she does love the food you insist on feeding her. "One for you, one for me."
You love to walk. Being held is not for you.
Your favorite toy is your set of golf clubs.
You've conveniently learned that hitting gets a reaction. Not great since your favorite toy is your clubs.
You love to headbutt things. It's so strange.
You looooove to be chased.
And your giggle. Oh, your giggle takes me to the moon.
You've discovered mama and daddy's phone. Siri doesn't understand you.

We love you, oh so much! You are such a treasure.

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