Bubble blowin'

Sometimes in life, you just need to blow bubbles. After having my parents visit, I was just so sad when they were gone. Their visit made me homesick and wish we lived closer. I knew I'd be a little down once they left; it's just the nature of living cross country from family. But, this little boy of mine can sure turn my sour moods right again. My mother-in-law gave us a bubble blower and I turned it on for Liam the other day and it was Disneyland for a solid thirty minutes. Running to and fro, arms in the air, mouth open, and the cutest little babbles and screams you ever did hear. 
"Hey guys!! We've got BUBBLES in here!"
 And even though we are 3948543 miles away from family, I'm choosing to be thankful. So here are my reminders that life is grand.
1. My job. Dude, ice cream cones were passed out on Friday. I mean, insurance for the win!
2. The long country drive me and Liam took today. Sun roof open, AC blasting (to me, that's the best. counter intuitive for some but it's just perfect) and music up. And then we got shaved ice.
3. Finding new ways me and that little boy are alike. Like his love for ice cold grapes and country music)
4. Long skirts. And not shaving my legs.
5. A clean house. I've become obsessive about it as of late. I can't clean enough. Mirrors totally need to be cleaned every other day and baseboards too and everything in between. And the smell of the cleaning supplies I stole from Starbucks which I'm almost out which makes me so. sad.
6. Freshly colored hair.
7. Fans that make it possible to sleep under covers even if it's still 90 degrees outside. I do love being under covers, even in the summer.
8. And those said fans that make it possible to cuddle with my suuuuper cuddly husband. He does NOT like covers in the summer and those 2 fans that are pointed at him make it possible. Yay!
9. Concealer.
10. Every morning, Thomas must tell me his dreams from the night before. And they always seem to be crazy and super elaborate. I used to be annoyed by it. Mostly because of the length of time it took to tell the dream, but now it's become a regular part of my morning. Some watch the news, I get a dream.

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