summer solstice

one of our favorite things to do as a family is to go a park or open field and let the kids run around. liam is starting to develop a relationship with sadie and he loves chasing her around. sadie is so patient with him and will let the pulling and tagging and ever fascination with her collar last for way longer than i would before she needs her space. he has also discovered that he can feed her and wants to feed her everything. sometimes i get this look from him like, "ma, why won't she eat this travel tooth brush holder???" he literally tries to stuff everything in her mouth.

that's what she said.

we discovered this huge open grassy field behind where we live and it's great for rolling around in the grass and getting some energy out. the weather has definitely turned hot the last few weeks and will only get hotter for the next two-three months. the humidity is here as well which can be unpleasant but it's texas, so what can you do?

happy summer, y'all! it's my favorite season and can't wait to do anything that involves being in water!

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