around the house

i find little randoms like this all the time and they make me smile. he is constantly on the go, playing with a new toy every 2 minutes. he loves his dinosaur collection.
his first time eating an otter pop and he l o v e d it. i couldn't give it to him fast enough. this picture cracks me up. so much desire all in one photo.

the double chin.
these little cars are like little daggers into the heel of your foot.
he's mastered the cool guy. sunnies and drumming. i mean....

also, he's obsessed with books. every hour or so he'll bring me a new one to read to him and he'll curl up in my lap. he doesn't always want the whoooole book read to him but he does enjoy the pictures. and if i'm not around to read to him, he'll just read to himself all by his little lonesome. makes me so happy.
this. {swoon}
i'm totally interrupting his personal reading time.

he can never stay in one position either. he's constantly moving around and "reading" to himself.

otter pop brain freeze!!!!
i never know where i'm gonna find things. his gi joes are his favorite right now and they are always randomly placed. also daggers into the feet.
sade, our warm weather lover. and also a model.

i've been enjoying liam so much. he's no longer a baby and he's definitely a toddler and all boy. he loves ikea meatballs, little trinket toys, baths, sitting with mama while she's on the computer, peaches, playing in sadie's food dish, and dr. seuss's the foot book. not a lover of holding my hand when crossing the street, orange otter pops (he vigorously shakes his head "no), and anything that remotely takes away his independence and freedom. which is a lot. he's a handful but oh, such a joy.

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