liam and i spent late morning at a nature preserve. when we lived here several years ago, i would always drag thomas and sadie with me here (yep, even when it was 110 degrees out). there's something about walking along all the trails that i just love. one side of the trail is wooded and the other is a grassy field with many ticks and other creatures i wish to not know about. there's a pond towards the center that's always so crisp and serene. this is my happy place. the place i can escape to for just a bit and be one with my Creator. liam loved it today too. it was my first time taking him and the second i put him down and let him run around, there was no turning back. this boy is a sucker for running and chasing things. i'm so glad he loves to do these things with me. i hope that never goes away--that he will always be my outdoor companion. that he will always love the outdoors and want to explore.

and now. now he is currently throwing a tantrum in his crib because i took a toy away from him i didn't know he had. his tantrums lately are driving me c r a z y. getting outside is the only thing that saves me. hoping those pass soon!

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