h o c k e y

Saturday night we had tickets to the Allen Americans hockey game. They're a local minor league team and we had such a blast. Husband was so excited and his love for hockey was fueled even more. Neither of us had been to a hockey game in years and it was the best introducing Liam to a sport that husband grew up on. It always surprises me, husband's knowledge of hockey. You see, he's never been one to spend hours watching Sports Center. In fact, I'm the sports lover in the family. But hockey? Now that's something to get excited about. He's a Penguins lover, through and through.  I know very little about the sport but Thomas was throwing lingo out left and right that I'd never even heard of. For the sports fan in me, I loved it.
Liam also loved it. It was loud and super stimulating which was actually perfect since the game started when he was supposed to be drifting into Never Never Land. He surprised me though which not one fuss and sat perfectly in our laps the entire game. We are raising him right, I'd say.

Sitting behind the penalty box can be rather exciting (for people of all ages)

It was a wonderful night. Makes me excited for baseball season!

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